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Welcome to the LIC GAMES website, This article is for it’s users who are facing trouble in using app or making payment like withdrawal, deposit, transfer money etc. Let us tell first if you are facing issue on the APP then don’t get tense we are here to solve your all glitches and queries. Our LIC Games Customer service is available for all through out 24 hours. You can file your complain with valid screenshot proof and Game ID. We reach you soon as it is possible.

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LIC GAMES Customer Service

In this article we are going to tell you how you can reach to us to get solution of your problems and queries. Read the article to contact our LIC GAMES customer service team.

How To Contact  LIC GAMES Customer Service To Solve Issues ?

It is one of the most popular game for making money by playing games. Here games are based on prediction you have predict the right outcomes to win real money. But some issues and glitches are common on this application because of large number of it’s users remain active through out the day. Let us know how to reach to LIC GAMES CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM to get solve all the issues arise in using the application.

Follow the steps given below to reach our highly responsive team: 

1-Step: Look into the button menu and click on ‘MEMBER’ button.

2-Step: Now click on customer service icon.

How To Contact  LIC GAMES Customer Service To Solve Issues ?

3-Step: Click on Message icon if you want to solve your problem with auto help desk. To connect with the team member click on the TELEGRAM icon.

 LIC GAMES Customer Service To Solve Issues

4-Step: Now type your problem and attach screenshot along with message.

5-Step: Wait for 24 hours they will reach you soon as it will be possible.

Final Thoughts 

LIC GAMES is a betting app where you can make money by playing entertaining games. Problems and glitches are common on this platform due to high traffic. But don’t worry customer service team is eligible and highly responsible to solve your all queries. You can file your complaint on telegram channel too.


Playing games and biding money here is risky so play this game at your own risk and responsibility. We are not responsible for any incident happens with you. 

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