Withdrawal LIC Games Money| Problem Solved

Withdrawal LIC Games Money- Problem Solved: As you know LIC Games is a earning platform. You win money here by playing games and when you do withdrawal process sometimes you face issue. This issue is with almost all the color prediction games and we will tell you why and when this problem emerge. First of all make sure that you have register/download this application from the official source, if you have not done so then you are going to face this issue consistently. In this scenario you may register again with a new mobile number. Click the button given below and do it right now !


Withdrawal LIC Games Money| Problem Solved

How To Withdraw Money From LIC Games ?

Money withdrawal process is straight forward on LIC Games if the application is working fine. You can follow the steps given below to complete withdraw. But there are few limitation also on money withdraw like each person can withdraw three times a day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 211 rupees at a time and maximum amount is 100000. There is a handling fee deducted at every transaction. You do not have to pay any handling fee if your transaction is more than ₹5000.

[ Handling fee will be charge on each withdrawal according to the membership level of the user ]

Follow these steps to complete your LIC GAMES withdrawal money process successfully:

1-Step: Go to button menu and click on ‘MEMBER’.

2-Step: Click on the Withdrawal  ”” option.

How To Withdraw Money From LIC Games ?

3-Step: Now setup transaction password you have to do it first time. And you can change it later if you want for security purpose.

4-Step: Now bind bank card to your LIC GAMES app.

 Withdraw Money From LIC Games

5-Step: Fill your bank details and click on SUBMIT button.

6-Step: Enter withdrawal amount and click on COMPLETE button.

How To Solve Withdrawal Issue On LIC Games ?

How To Solve Withdrawal Issue On LIC Games ?

You have to first understand that every color prediction game in the market is for making profit. If you have not deposit ever at least a minimum amount in your wallet. Then you have misunderstanding that you can withdraw your winning amount from the  LIC GAMES app. It will show you transaction fail in such case. So first recharge your account and then you may proceed for the withdrawal.

If you do not face withdrawal issue in future then you can follow our advices which are as follows:

  • Do not collect large amount in your wallet keep withdraw time to time because at last when you will process for large amount it may struck.
  • Play with small amount. If you have earned lot of money using a small recharge of money, chances are more they will delay your transaction or it is quite possible that they will suspend your account.



What is withdrawal time in LIC GAMES ?

You can withdraw your winning amount any time through the day accept the nation holidays.

What are the withdrawal rules on LIC GAMES ?

There are withdrawal limits on this game, you can read them on the app given in the withdrawal section.

What is withdrawal limit per day in LIC GAMES ?

You can withdraw money only three times in a day.

How to solve withdrawal problem ?

You have to contact the customer support team in withdrawal problem there is no other option that will help you.


LIC Games is a earning platform where you earn money by playing games. You can easily withdraw money from this application if you complete the process step by step and follow the advices given here on this website. Playing games here may prove risky. So play it on your responsibility and risk. We will not be responsible for any odd situation if happens with you.



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